Tipi Camping

SELF RELIANT               ‚Äč$400 (up to 4)

Bring your own gear and food. Make your own adventures! Fri night-Sunday afternoon. Up to 4 people. Stay in the tipi and enjoy the area.

Catered                          $600(2) -  $750(4)

We supply all the camping gear and food. We will cook all meals outside over open fires and dutch ovens. Get back to basics for a weekend,,,,let us teach the kids how to start a fire without matches and cook with it.

Guided                           $750 (2)  -  $1000 (4)

Plan a weekend with us and let us do the rest. We will supply all the gear and food for the weekend and cook every meal outside the old fashion way. We will take you fishing, hiking, biking, mountain climbing (Mt Borestone or Mt Katadin...gate fees apply) or wildlife viewing. Let us help you have a safe memorable weekend!


Where else in Maine can you stay in an authentic Sioux style tipi? We have a 20' diameter tipi made by Nomadic Custom Tipi in Oregon. This company made all the tipis that were in the movie "Dances with Wolves". You will drift off to sleep on our XL outfitters cots from Cabelas, while watching and listening to the crackling fire that is dancing in the fire pit in the center of the tipi. We have had several people say that they have never slept so well! Depending on your choice, you can cook your own food, or we will provide great meals cooked on the open fire. Our dutch oven deserts are to die for!

MWA has all the equipment needed for you and your family to enjoy a weekend of camping without worrying about what to bring. We will supply cots, sleeping pads, clean sleeping bags, all cooking supplies including the meals on a pre approved menu. We set up a screen house and also a sun shelter depending on the weather. 

For the hiker, there are miles and miles of unused trails and dirt roads that will take you to places that don't get visited very often. If you want a picturesque hike, we can take you for a drive to the trail head of gulf hagus. This is a 10 mile loop through some awesome terrain, some call it the grand canyon of the east. Bring your camera for this one! Beware....you must wade through a stream to get there! There are also side trails that lead back to the trail head so you don't need to do the whole loop.

If you prefer your own camper or pop-up, we have plenty of room for your self contained unit. Well behaved pets are welcomed also!

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