Bear Hunting

Back to Basics Hunting & Recreational Adventures

Bear Hunt (over bait) WEEK 3 SEMI GUIDED                          $1000 /ea  (2 max)

Your choice of staying at the Tipi or the same cabin as mentioned above....right out in the woods. This hunting adventure is for the more seasoned bear hunter that knows what he is doing but just doesn't have the time to setup and maintain the sites throughout the summer. You and your hunting buddy can be on your own in the middle of nowhere next to nothing! All cooking and camping gear will be supplied, You bring your own food and cook your own meals. You will also bait the sites you use. We will supply the bait for the week and show you where the sites are. If you want  us to check in during the week, we can do that. If you don' worries, we will leave you to the woods.


Deer Hunt SEMI GUIDED                                              $1500 for the group (4 Max)                     The areas that we hunt naturally hold trophy big woods bucks. These deer can't be patterned like "city deer" on the farms! They are big for a reason....they avoid people. If you go on this hunt just to kill a deer, we won't even book you to go. The odds are in the deer's favor 10:1....but......if you want a stay out in the woods where these 200+ lb buck live and you want to actually "hunt" them go mono eh mono with them......then we can talk! We will set up 4 stands in great travel areas and show you where to go. You will have access to thousands and thousands of acres to hunt from. Stay in the 1950's Outpost cabin that is located deep in the woods that you will be hunting in. We will supply the cooking gear at the cabin and you bring your own food. Hunt at your own pace without trying to keep up with a guide on a mission! This will be available each week of deer season including the 2 weeks of muzzle loader where it is likely to have snow and you can hone your tracking skills! Experience how hunting was 50 years ago....unplug from the modern world and get back to basics with us! 

Steve Baptie and I tracked this buck for 3 days!

Deer Hunting

Bear Hunt (over bait) WEEK 1             $2000 ea (4 max)

Back to basics bear hunt! Grab 3 of your hunting buddies and give us a call! We only take ONE hunting party for the 1st week! That's will not have to share your time with anyone you don't know and your guide is exclusively yours for the week! Stay a night or two in the tipi if you choose and then stay in a 1950's log cabin stashed  away deep in the woods that we will hunt. All food is prepared for you the old fashion way over an open fire and dutch ovens. We have a pontoon boat docked at the river to go fishing on when we are not hunting. We also have an area that we can shoot bring your shotgun to gain bragging rights from your buddies! This is truly not just a hunt it's an adventure!!! Due to only 4 openings for the 1st week....we book fast so put your reservation in today!!!!

​We co-lease 28k acres with 2 other guides. One has the north and one has the west....we have the east. We all manage our sites using the same philosophy ..,we don't shoot sows with cubs, we don't shoot cubs and we only take one bear per site per year. This has proven to produce huge bears in this area. There is no guarantee that you will take home a huge trophy bear, They are by far the smartest animal that we hunt...hands down!! But.....we can guarantee that the big bears are hitting the sites you are sitting at, We will send you cam pics through out the summer to keep you in the loop with your sites, Another key fact is that our sites border a 23k acre track of big woods that can't be bear hunted. This means our baits are the first ones available to all the bears on that parcel!